What is this?

This is a daily personal project. Since January 1st, 2022, I am publishing a new image made from scratch during the same day. This is open ended, ideally it will go on for many years. While I’m writing this description it is just completed the first full year with post no.365!


The project follows these simple rules:

    • An image will be published every day
    • The image could be a drawing, or a cgi image (an illustration, a processed drawing, a 3d render or a mix of all these)
    • The image will be made at the day it is published, not in advance
    • No photographs or pre-existing elements will be used unless in some very extreme cases the composition is by far the most important (however this is to be avoided). Textures or brushes of course are considered tools and not elements of a composition and are to be used.

You can follow my daily posts here, also on instagram, twitter and facebook. I hope you like them!


I’ve also started a youtube channel with small making of and backstage videos


You can read more at this blog post I wrote just before I launch it




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